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Our favourite Document Collection & Management Apps

Are you too busy to visit our office to drop off your documents? Upload your receipts & documents directly into document collection & management apps that feed directly into your accounting software!

Hubdoc & Dext are our favourite document collection & management apps. They extract key data from documents using AI. They each have both a desktop & mobile version to allow you to submit your documents. Both apps allow you to scan & upload documents to the desktop version or you can take a photo instead using the mobile version. Another option is to forward any email that includes a business receipt or bill to an app generated email address for your account. These document collection & management apps can also fetch statements automatically from suppliers such as telecoms & utility companies. You are also able to link a feed for online banks & credit cards in Dext & Hubdoc. But Hubdoc can also fetch your bank statements, where Dext cannot. Think of these document collection & management apps like your digital filing cabinet.

Hubdoc & Dext each allow multiple users to submit documents & then creates a transaction that can be published to your accounting system. Once the transaction is published, a pdf of the document is attached to the transaction in your accounting software. Your accounting software then matches the transaction to your linked bank or credit card feed. A big advantage of using these apps is that all uploads are date & time stamped. This provides an excellent audit trail & makes responding to Canada Revenue Agency queries & audits so much simpler.

To see how easy the mobile apps are to use, see the following videos:

Hubdoc Mobile app

Dext Mobile App

Want to learn more about how these apps can help you to keep your documents organized? Just contact us!

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

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