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Some of Our Favorite Mileage Apps

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires an accurate logbook, you can use one of the following mileage apps to create that logbook for you! This logbook needs to be maintained for business travel for the entire year as a part of your year end support. This logbook will show for each business trip, the destination, the reason for the trip & the distance covered. As well as recording the odometer reading of each vehicle at the start and end of the fiscal period.

There are several mileage apps now available for Android & IOS. Here are some of our favorite mileage apps that are currently on the market:


Best suited for small businesses that do a lot of daily driving. This app allows your drivers to track everything you need, including mileage, gas, tolls, parking & meals.


This app automatically captures your drives & delivers in a comprehensive mileage log whenever you need it. You can classify your drives into categories like business, personal or charity & then simply swipe with your thumb to assign them to the correct list — or let MileIQ do it automatically.

Have questions in regards to these apps & if they would work for your company contact us for our opinion.

Photo by Alex Ramon on Unsplash

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